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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose a micro-school? 

    • Hamilton Ridge Academy empowers the child to learn how to think, not what to think. We use problem-solving skills to mimic real-world topics while also enhancing one's ability to be a leader in all aspects of life throughout their life. Learning doesn’t stop because you get older; it continues as you grow. HRA creates lifelong learners. 


  • Is the school accredited, and if so, by what accrediting agency?

    • We are a private, independent school that is not accredited by any governing agency.  As the school grows we will explore accreditation opportunities for a private, independent school. 


  • How many students does the school have? How diverse is the student body?

    • Every year the enrollment will change due to demand, and will expand both by student and teacher alike to keep student/teacher ratio small. Admissions are not based upon a specific diversity group. 


  • How is your school operated and governed?

    • Our school is operated  by an educated teaching staff, passionate administrators, active board members, involved families, dedicated donors, and supportive sponsors.  

  • Will my child(ren) regress in a multi-age classroom? 

    • Research has proven higher achievement for regular students in multi-age settings when compared with the same population of students in a single-age setting (Journal of Research in Childhood Education, volume 36, Number 2, 2022). 

  • What type of student would thrive at HRA?

    • Students who are respectful, hard-working, driven, self-motivated, and a desire to be pushed to their maximum potential.   


  • How is movement integrated throughout the day?

    • Research shows that physical activity improves cognitive performance.  Hamilton Ridge Academy's schedule is organized so that students go no more than an hour without intentional  breaks for structured/unstructured play.  In addition, interactive teaching methods are utilized to keep students engaged. ​

  • How does the school get parents involved? 

    • Families are the backbone of our school.  We will always find a way to make a parent feel welcome at school.  In addition, parents are always welcome to join during lunch/free time to spend quality time with their child.  ​


  • How much is the tuition?

    • All-inclusive tuition is $8,000 with payment plans available, but each FAMILY (not per student) is required to pay an annual fee to Roundtripper Sports Academy of $450 (individual membership) or $600 (family membership)  giving you access to the facility outside of the school day. 


  • How do you integrate technology into the classroom and curriculum?

    • HRA believes that technology is an excellent resource when used appropriately.  Each student has their own Chromebook to use during their individual learning time for core subjects. Every session and unit will incorporate technology in various ways, but students will NOT be sitting at a desk with an eLearning curriculum all day. 


  • Are there other charges, such as for books, lab fees, transportation, and so on?

    • We do not provide transportation and all supplies will be included in tuition fees.  HRA does provide optional add-on opportunities ties that enhances the educational experience. 


  • Community service: Do you offer community service? Is this a curriculum requirement or an extracurricular initiative?

    • Our school thrives on developing leaders in the community and this is accomplished and incorporated in our curriculum.  


  • Homework policy: Do you have a homework policy, and if so, what is it?

    • Homework is not assigned at HRA.  We desire to create a school environment that effectively develops students to take responsibility for their academics. If the school day is used effectively there should be no reason for homework. However, there are occasions when a student may need additional time on a particular lesson.  In this scenario, a student may choose to work during their free time or at home. Fridays are used as a catchup day.


  • Discipline policy: What is your approach to dealing with discipline?

    • Hamilton Ridge Academy recognizes the importance of building others up and will do so with disciplinary actions as well. Positive, supportive relationships are created early to set expectations and prevent student misbehaviors.


  • Does religion play any role in your curriculum? Does your school have a religious affiliation?

    • The school is founded on Christian faith values. 


  • Do you have to be an athlete to attend Hamilton Ridge Academy?

    • Absolutely not. We do, however, believe that competition is beneficial when it’s included and executed correctly. Teamwork aligned with competition can enhance learning and growth to oneself. We will incorporate sports themes and movement activities throughout the day, but in a comfortable environment and based on individual skills. 


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