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Heather Drozlek



What led you into the world of education?            


I have always loved working with kids even as a young teenager babysitting.   I grew up with parents who were both elementary teachers and I always looked up to them and the impact they made on so many students in our community.  I never imagined doing anything other than teaching.  

HRA recognizes that all children are born with talents and when we uncover and nourish those talents, they become strengths.

How will you help children discover their talents and turn them into strengths?   


I feel it is so important to build personal relationships with the students and get to know likes, dislikes, talents, challenges and the learning style that best suites them.  By creating these relationships, you create a safe environment that is full of trust and mutual respect which also enables me to create lessons based on each student's abilities and interests.  


What about HRA are you most excited about?  


I love that each student will be able to move/soar at their own pace.  Being able to incorporate sports into our daily lesson makes this such a unique opportunity for the students to become not only better students but also athletes and most importantly teammates and humans.   

Tell us about your family and your interests. 


My husband Rick and I have lived in Westfield since 2013 with our two children.  Matt is 15 and will be a Sophomore at Westfield High School next year.  He absolutely loves being active and plays baseball, tennis and basketball.  He loves adventures such as traveling and rollercoasters.  Our daughter Claire is 14 and will be a Freshman at Westfield next year.  She is a great soccer player and her happy place is at the barn riding and caring for horses.  She is an avid reader and is an amazing creative writer.  Reading, going to movies and crafts are hobbies I enjoy.   I grew up playing tennis and still play when I find time.  Traveling is something I would love to do more of if our schedule allows. 

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