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Lyndee & Josiah Sears


Children: Tinley (11), Bo (8), and Kali (8 months)


It's been a dream of our family's to start a school where we can share our passion for academics and leadership development with others.  This dream started over 10 years ago when we were newlyweds in Franklin, IN.  Josiah was coaching college football and I (Lyndee) was in my first year of teaching.  I loved being in the school, but I often was challenged by the traditional school system.  It lacked creativity and created a soldier-like atmosphere for students.  I saw an environment that was strong on discipline and creating a community of followers but weak in developing leaders to utilize their own skill sets as strengths.   I was bothered how classrooms were a one-way track where the train moved at one speed whether or not the students were excelling or falling behind.  In addition, I could not understand why school had to be boring.  

Josiah continued his profession as a college football coach leading our family around the country.   Through this opportunity, we were able to experience a variety of schools and programs which continued to mold our dream school.  Meanwhile, Josiah developed a leadership curriculum that he implemented with the teams he led.   After multiple moves and God leading us back home again to Indiana for a career change for Josiah, we thought all would be smooth sailing for our family.  Little did we know, the pandemic as well as other worldly events would further change the landscape of education.  The dream came to the forefront of our thoughts and we felt the nudge to take a leap of faith to launch a school and leadership academy where we can blend my love for education and Josiah's passion for leadership. 


As we prayed and navigated the direction of the school, I said to Josiah our biggest challenge will be finding a location to get things started.  We are a sports-minded family and were adamant that the facility would have room for kids to run throughout the day and even better if it were conducive to athletes being able to grow personally (we believe that some of our greatest lessons in life came from sports we played).  I wanted something that would set us apart and that's when I thought of contacting local sports facilities.   God answered my prayers when Roundtripper Sports Academy replied immediately with a positive response.  At this moment, we realized it was GO TIME!  


As we launch Hamilton Ridge Academy, we want to create an environment that challenges children to discover and build upon their God-given talents/passions, teach them to set goals and chase after them, and most of all build a firm foundation for children to go out into the world to be leaders that glorify God.  We desire to build a culture built on Christian values and morals that promotes excellence, requires respect, and encourages a growth mindset. 


We welcome you and your family on this journey with us! 

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