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HRA 500

The Greatest Spectacle in School Events

 This May, Hamilton Ridge Academy hosts the inaugural HRA 500. Throughout our seven week unit, students will explore one of our state’s finest traditions, the Indianapolis 500. Immersed in the history and geography of Indiana and the significance of the race historically, economically, and scientifically, students will culminate their learning experience by designing and racing their own soap box derby cars. Not only will students qualify for racing by successfully completing a series of academic tasks, but they will also dive deep into the science of racing in the development of their cars. It is our desire to fully submerse the children in the unit by enhancing their educational experiences through a myriad of activities, field trips, and guest speakers. And, as is our focus with all educational opportunities at Hamilton Ridge Academy, students will fine tune their leadership skills along with their vehicles. Teamwork, problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, and confidence are built into the foundation of this child-centered experience. 

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Have you ever wanted to sponsor a race team?

Here's your chance! We would like to invite you to be a part of the experience. HRA students are heavily involved in preparing for the HRA 500 and are personally asking businesses to sponsor the event/race teams. The students developed a comprehensive package of sponsorship levels. 

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