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HRA 500

The Greatest Spectacle in School Events

May 23, 2024

12 pm - Tailgate Part at Hedge Row
1 PM - Pre-Race Ceremonies

Welcome to the HRA 500

Welcome to the HRA 500, an exhilarating showcase of innovation, teamwork, and leadership at Hamilton Ridge Academy. This annual event, inspired by the iconic Indianapolis 500, offers our students from grades 3 to 8 a unique opportunity to apply their STEM skills, creativity, and collaborative spirit in a real-world setting.

About the HRA 500

Each year, the HRA 500 challenges our students to design, build, and race their own model race cars, integrating lessons from their science, technology, engineering, and math classes into a hands-on project that spans two action-packed weeks. This event is more than just a race; it’s a comprehensive learning experience that embodies the core values of an HRA Hawk: Teamwork, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Work Ethic, Care, Positive Attitude, Toughness, Endurance, Competitive Spirit, Gratitude, Belief, Humility, Discipline, Accountability, and Excellence.

Why the HRA 500?

The HRA 500 is designed to push the boundaries of traditional classroom education, allowing students to engage deeply with their studies and see the practical implications of their knowledge. As they work in teams to overcome challenges and achieve their goals, students develop critical life skills that will serve them well beyond the academy's walls. The event also serves to strengthen the community around our shared values and support the holistic development of each student according to our Christ-centered educational philosophy.


Join Us

Mark your calendars for May 23rd and come witness the excitement of the HRA 500 Race Day at Hamilton Ridge Academy. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see our students in action, racing their ingeniously crafted model race cars towards the finish line.


Be a Part of the Event

We also extend an invitation to local businesses and community members to support this enriching educational experience by becoming a sponsor. Sponsoring the HRA 500 provides a unique opportunity to promote community engagement while supporting educational initiatives that build future leaders. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please review the sponsorship opportunities below. 


Have you ever wanted to sponsor a race team?

Here's your chance! We would like to invite you to be a part of the experience. HRA students are heavily involved in preparing for the HRA 500 and are personally asking businesses to sponsor the event/race teams. The students developed a comprehensive package of sponsorship levels. 

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